My humble offerings...

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Welcome! Thank you for joining me. :-)

I have many times in my life turned to the written word for clarity, expression and exploration. If ever there was a time when this is called for, it's now. Just four months ago, my dear dear friend, mentor, muse, partner in music, best friend, yoga teacher, stone in my shoe, source of joy and bewilderment, and finally, husband, died from secondary melanoma. He was 52 years old. Not taken too soon; this is not a tale of tragedy. It's just me working things out. As a registered nurse with over 38 years of experience and a passion for palliative care, an aspiring end of life doula, and a strong advocate for death education and literacy, shit's gettin' real here.

I've often been told, and I have observed, that when I'm on a writing roll, I do pretty well. So here I go. You are free to read it all, or none of it. Subscribe, or don't! If you feel so moved I'd love to get your feedback if anything strikes you or you want to comment.

Thank you for reading. I hope some of what I offer is some small contribution to you.

Rose xx